Development Activities


3D Fluoroscopy and Pressure Validated Orthotics in the Application of Pediatric Flatfoot

This project is structured to develop customized orthotics for children with severe planovalgus foot deformities using computer-based rapid prototyping technology. Advanced models are used to construct the orthotic contours based on recorded foot morphology and ambulatory dynamics. Anticipated development results include more effective and comfortable orthotics at reduced cost and production time.

  • Co-PI's
    • X.C. Liu, Ph.D.
    • R. Rizza, Ph.D.
  • Patient population
    • Pes Planovalgus: 3
  • Project goal
    • Develop new orthotic based on 3D foot geometry below the malleolis, dynamic plantar and lateral-medial pressure during walking and validated by 3D calcaneous-talus orientation measured using 3D fluoroscopy

D4 Specific Aims

  1. Develop a trio-pressure measurement technique for plantar and lateral calcaneus and medial talar head
  2. Validate computer aided design and FE model for new design of orthosis using a 3D fluoroscopy kinematic model and kinetic data
  3. Establish effective procedure to manufacture dynamic orthosis for children with flexible flatfoot using a Rapid Prototyping System (RPS)

Schematic shows the pressure distribution of a foot.

Schematic shows a meshed FEA model of the prototype.

D4 Conceptual Model

An oblique view of the dynamic orthosis hard layer (left): the ā€˜Uā€™ shape of the hindfoot component and a medial and lateral strip extends from the hindfoot to the forefoot. An oblique view of two layers (middle): Inner soft layer exactly matches with the external hard layer. A top view (right): Various built-in wedges are possible in terms of need including a gel cushion and foam padding.

Three views of a prototype foot orthosis

Prototype of Conceptual Model

D4 Anticipated Timeline

Activity Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Plantar pressure Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
3D topography Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
CAD model Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
FEA analysis Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
3D Fluoroscopy Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
Rapid prototyping Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
Construction of orthosis Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
Fine tuning of orthosis Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4
Clinical evaluation Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q1Q2Q3Q4