Tech4POD Project Updates

D3 May 2013: Update


Alex Griffin presented "FLUOROSCOPIC ASSESSMENT OF HINDFOOT KINEMATICS DURING GAIT: COMPARISON OF BAREFOOT AND SHOD MOTION" at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society. See Development D3 for details and downloadable audio file.

T4 May 2013: Senior Design Project Winners


Three Senior Design Projects at Marquette University won prize money for First, Second, and Third Place in the Senior Design Competition.


See the Senior Design Project Winners

D3 October 2012: Update


Poster presentation by Alex Griffin at the annual Medical College Research Day.

Fluoroscopic Assessment of Hindfoot Kinematics During Gait: Comparison of Barefoot and Shod Motion (1.7 MB)

R1 April 2012: Update

Summary of research analysis of bone modulus.

Bone Modulus in Osteogenesis Imperfecta by Nanoindentation (2.5 MB)