Accessibility Statement

Web accessibility is important to us. We welcome feedback and ideas to help make our site more accessible and usable for everyone.

The menu at the top of every Tech4POD page provides links to accessibility features:


We have provided Equivalent Text Descriptions for non-text items that are not mere decoration. These include alt-text Brief Descriptions as well as Essential and Detailed Descriptions via the longdesc property which is accessible to screen readers

Essential and Detailed descriptions are available on the Tech4POD EqTD page   that lists all the images on the site that have text descriptions.

See the ACCESS-ed EqTD Posterette for an explanation of the EqTD protocol.

Resizable Text

For those who have Javascript enabled, three links for resizing text are available in the upper menu. Use them in addition to your browser's zoom capability to improve the visibility or increase the information density on the page.

Clicking on +A or A- enlarges or shrinks the text; the middle A returns the fonts to the default size. If your browser supports cookies, your font size settings will be retained for future visits.

High Contrast Display

Selecting the "High Contrast" item in the upper menu removes most color from the website's pages and displays text in a somwhat larger font, which may be helpful to people with low vision or may be a preference for any user.

If your browser supports cookies, your contrast setting will be retained for future visits.

Access Keys

Access keys provide access to main headings and principal functions. In most web browsers, invoke the access key by pressing Alt (on PC) or Control (on Mac) simultaneously with the appropriate character on the keyboard (some browsers also require the shift key or option key). Pressing the Enter key may be needed to subsequently activate the link. To find the key combination for your browser, check Wikipedia's Access key page .

    Available Access Keys:
  • H - Home
  • C - Contact Us
  • A - Accessibility Statement
  • E - Equivalent Text Descriptions (EqTD's)

Large Images

Clicking on diagrams and illustrations in the text will open a large version of the image to allow inspection of details and reading of internal labels.