Tech4POD - Equivalent Text Description

VR training game exmple

4 small pictures show a schematic of foot placement during a virtual reality (VR) training game.

Brief Description:

4 small pictures show a schematic of foot placement during a virtual reality (VR) training game.

Essential Description:

This four part diagram illustrates how a person’s foot movements including sliding and pivoting, will control the actions of a character in a video game.

Detailed Description:

The image is composed of 4 graphics demonstrating the lower extremity movement patterns during a virtual reality training game. The first image shows a heavily armed figure walking along a thin Earth bridge toward a box with a bright pink triangle over it. In the upper corner of the screen is a small shaded box with two green footprints and a red triangle. This shaded box is expanded into the next figure. The red triangle indicates the “Direction”. Two sets of green footprints are visible, one darker and another set close to the first that is lighter. There are arrows rotating from the darker set to lighter set labeled “Pivoting” and an arrow pointing straight side to side from the footprints labeled “Sliding”. Above the lighter footprints are two small pink triangles labeled “Target”. The third image, “Sliding” shows an animated lower half of a person stepping forward with the right foot. Directly next to this is an image of the same figure stepping forward. In the second image, the figure’s knees are closer together with arrows next to them pointing out from each other. The second figure also has arrows at both feet pointing in toward the other. There is a small pink triangle in the upper corner, the same as was previously designated the target. This image is labeled “Sliding”. The last figure looks down on a pair of shoes that are a step apart. Inside each shoe image is a see through line drawing of the shoe pointing more straight ahead than the original shoes. A “Pivoting” arrow is shown from each original shoe to the line drawing and a “Target” triangle is directly above both of the shoe line drawings. This image is labeled “Pivoting”.