Tech4POD - Equivalent Text Description

Example of game-playing

Picture shows an example of virtual game playing.

Brief Description:

Picture shows an example of virtual game playing.

Essential Description:

A screenshot of a rehabilitation video game to assist with passive range of motion shows a spaceship, a target and a random target on an outer space scene. The spaceship and random target are labeled; the spaceship represents the participant’s foot position.

Detailed Description:

The photo of outer space shows colors that swirl together, with shades of black in the middle that blend outward into shades of blue and white. Written along the top of the photo is “Score”, “Player Angle” and “Target Angle”, all with the scores. A figure labeled “Participant’s foot position” in the upper left is shaped like a crab claw. A red, circular target with a dot in the middle is in the lower right of the photo, and below this target is a graphic with “100” in the middle of an exploding sphere. This is labeled “Random target within PROM”. Outside of the photo, “Passive range of motion” is labeled as going from the top to bottom of the photo.