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Network Model for Home-based Units

Diagram shows a network model for home-based units.

Brief Description:

Diagram shows a network model for home-based units.

Essential Description:

This diagram illustrates how LAN and wireless connections are set up between a hospital server and various control units, including home based units, Bluetooth devices, the ARM9 device driver module, and the interaction with the robotic adjustable foot plate.

Detailed Description:

An image of the world is at the center with lines labeled LAN cable protruding from it that lead to various images with labels, some of which lead to other images with labels. A line protruding to the left leads to an image labeled hospital server, which consists of three 3-D boxes of different sizes and three circles within one another hovering above it. Three “Home-based Unit(s) are connected to the internet as well. A LAN cable connects the internet to a portable computer device, and connects to an“ARM9 device driver module” with a cable for real-time control. The “ARM9 device driver module” looks like a computer hard drive. With a Bluetooth connection, depicted with a cellphone, only supervision access is allowed. The ARM9 device driver module has an “Embedded Control Algorithm” and is in a “Robot-assisted control modular design”. This is part of a larger device with sections listed as “Communication design”, “Motor Selection”, “Gear head mechanism with low gear ratio”, and “Safety mechanism design”. Attached to these components is an “Adjustable foot plate design” which is a very simplified foot design at the end of a pole. The pole is adjustable up and down, the foot section can move forward and backward as well as side to side.