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Researchers from Tech4POD at Taste of Milwaukee

Photograph of researchers at Taste of Milwaukee

Brief Description:

Photograph of researchers at Taste of Milwaukee

Essential Description:

A picture of members of the Tech4pod team with the accompanying text “Taste of Milwaukee”.

Detailed Description:

In this photograph, ten researchers from the Tech4POD team at Marquette University pose in front of two dark wooden doors at the "Taste of Milwaukee" fund raiser for United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Southeastern Wisconsin. The front row of researchers by name are Dr. Carolyne Albert, Deb Epps, Jessica Fritz, Tamara Cohen, and John Jameson. Next, the back row of researchers pictured are Dr. Jeff Alexander, Dr. Prateek Grover, Ben McHenry, Jeff Kertis, and Dr. Gerald Harris.